Beaches in New York

There are many beaches in New York distributed along its different boroughs: Staten Island, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Although they are incredible places to have a good time, you must know that there are several restrictions regarding the beaches. In first place, they are not always open. You can look for more information in webpages to see if they will be open when you have planned to make your visit. Restrictions also have to do with the security; you are not allowed to swim if the lifeguard is not on duty as well as in closed sections, which are marked with signs. Apart from that, you don’t have to miss New York beaches, so here you have some recommendations.

One of the best beaches in the city is the Rockaway beach, located in Queens. It is a surf beach, so you can practice and demonstrate your skills with the surf board. The only thing you need to know is that there are several rules regarding that activity, not only there but in all the beaches.

Another place to go if you want sand and sun is the Coney Island beach, in Brooklyn. This one is really famous, almost considered an obligatory stop during your trip.

If you are in Staten Island we suggest you as well to visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt boardwalk and beach, which measures approximately 4 km. This place is ideal to spend the day with the family, especially if  you are travelling with children.

The Manhattan beach park, located in Brooklyn, is another good option. It is a popular destination for many people when the summer arrives. You can also go there with your family to have a good time altogether. You will notice that it has some playgrounds where your can play basketball, tennis or volleyball among other sports.

Our last recommendation is Orchad beach and Promenade, placed in Pelham Bay Park, in The Bronx. You may enjoy not only the beach itself but the courts and paths addressed to runners. The  surrounding nature of the area is an extra feature to go there.