Car hire New York

New York offers so many attractions and places to go that may interest you renting a car, so you can drive free around the state. If you are planning to move within the city, maybe your idea of driving your car isn’t the best, because New York city has very few parking spots and they are expensive. Even your hotel can charge you an extra fee if you want to park your car in its garage. The Big Apple is plenty of taxis, and public transportation can take you anywhere. Another story is going outside the city, then it is convenient and a good idea to rent a car, trains and taxis are not that useful.

Let’s rent a car! Where? The first area in which you can search is in Manhattan. Those rental agencies are not easy to locate, as they are in multi-level buildings, you have to know exactly where they are, but major agencies are in Manhattan: Alamo, Hertz, Avis, Dollar, Budget, National… Since they are a little expensive –it can be 100$ per day-,  it is better to rent there if you are a group, not a single person or a couple. Other places where you can rent a car are any New York airport, but there are slight differences between them: JFK and LaGuardia are cheaper than Manhattan -80$ per day-, but Newark has the best prices of all -50$ per day-. Renting a car in JFK or LaGuardia is a good option if you arrive to that airports, but it could be better trying to take a flight landing in Newark, because you can save a significant amount of money.

Once you have your car –there are many types available- conditions are almost the same: you cannot drive a rented car if you are under 25 years old, and if a company allows people under 25, it charges more for that driver. The state of New York has a particular feature about insurances, government requires companies to provide the liability insurance when renting the car, so customers don’t have to buy it separately, and people who is going to drive must appear in the company contract. Now you have some useful tips, use them wisely!