Hotels in New York

Every day, when we think on Hotels in New York, more people are looking for our trips leave a special picture in our minds so we can retrieve it whenever we want, despite the passage of time since the take. Well, this time our camera has visited New York and its purpose has acquired four very unique characters as a hotel.


The first shot depicts a room full of books and also the second and third and the next ten. We are in on of the most famous hotels in New York, the “Library Hotel” of New York located near Grand Central Station. This hotel offers guests the opportunity to be surrounded by more than 6,000 books in 60 rooms and 10 floors for each of them, 10 categories among which are, among others: History, Social Sciences or Technology.


The following screenshots of our camera revealed the 50 square meters of the 200 rooms of “Jane Hotel” , this New York hotel served as temporary housing for surviving crew members of the Titanic and later became a housing cooperative. In 2008, the building was converted into a micro-hotel room with a very peculiar atmosphere, and easy access to the West Village and Meatpacking District. The decor is more typical in a luxury European train than a budget hotel room. The rooms are cleverly designed with cubicles for storage under beds, an iPod dock and a flat screen with DVD player.


One iPod, two iPods, three iPods! Our camera will only photograph models of this next-generation electronic device. It could not be otherwise because one of the most important hotels in New York is located in Midtown for fans of iPod stands in Manhattan under the name “Pod Hotel”. It is a low cost hotel ever thought for a generation connected and also for those young at heart. Therefore, the rooms have free WiFi, LCD TVs and iPod dock. It also has retro decor with striking colors very much alive and fresh, as well as a great enlightenment.


The latest snapshots observed by reviewing the photographs of New York show a clean, futuristic and loaded with technology. So are the 699 new hotel rooms “Yotel NY” very well located at number 570 on Tenth Avenue near Times Square. This hotel chain uses the Japanese concept of “capsule” in their rooms, characterized by being environmentally responsible, equipped with rotating beds and a wall equipped to connect various gadgets.

Hotels in New York Photos