Museums in New York

New York offers a wide variety of places to have a great time, but we are not only talking about restaurants, pubs ar attractions. There are many museums that you can visit, even though you don’t usually go, from the typical ones, to others which will surprise you. We can divide New York Museums into categories, that way will be easier to choose regarding the main topic you are interested on.

In first place, we can find the traditional museums of art. Just to name few of them: MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Folk Art Museum. The MoMA is probably the most famous, and part of its importance is due to having developed and collected pieces of modernist art. The Metropolitan, or The Met, contains more than 2 million works of art divided into departments. It has a second location in Upper Manhattan, The Cloisters, which is in charge of medieval art. The last one is the American Folk Art Museum, located in Midtown Manhattan. You can enjoy there another type of art, the art of indigenous cultures.

In second place, museums of culture or history, such as The American Museum of National History, the Jewish Museum, National Jazz Museum or Museum of American Finance. The Museum of National History is definitely a must-see in New York. It is not only the museum itself, but also the laboratories for researching and its celebrated library. Regarding The Jewish Museum, this one is the leading throughout the country. It holds pieces of art as well as cultural artifacts. The National Jazz Museum, located in Harlem, is a symbol, since it is dedicated to the preservation and spreading of jazz music. The last one, the Museum of American Finance, for those who are interested in the world of economy.

In third place, we are going to mention other interesting museums which don’t fit into the previous categories, such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Including some ‘gardens within the gardens’, it even has an art gallery. And finally, Children’s Museum of the Arts, a good place to spend the day with family.