What to eat

If you ask what to eat in New York, you probably find Clam Chowder (soup of clams with tomato accompanied by crackers), Giant Pretzel (tietasty salty), Waldorf Salad (lettuce with apples and walnuts), Apple bottom of the mode (traditional dessert served with ice cream), Soul Food (cooking in Harlem from South U.S. seasoned with spices to get a unique taste) or the famous cookies, make up only a small touch of the great variety of dishes offered by Yorker food culture as cosmopolitan as its people. All these dishes can be tasted in any of the following restaurants, each with a unique charm, worth an unquestionable visit if you enjoy a stay in the city of skyscrapers.


The first of these establishments, these restaurants in New York, was named Habana Cafe NY and his philosophy is based on good food, fun and social responsibility. Therefore, it part of the eco-restaurants called for in his day to day trying to reduce excessive consumption at the same time promote sustainable solutions. Examples include, among others, their cups of corn starch biodegradable, its walls made ​​from sugar cane or light based on the most ancient source of green energy, the sun.


Over a million visitors have not been able to resist the uniqueness of a meal “blind” and the next restaurant in our gastronomic expedition in NY, where we learn what to eat in New York, is the Dans le Noir. It offers a unique opportunity to fully evaluate the perception of taste and smell. Everybody should go at least once, to a place like this to let their imagination fly and discover their senses.


(chu- rah- scah- ree-ah) Hard to pronounce? Well written is Churrascaria  is a restaurant that serves meat, especially grilled, and Rodizio is a method of serving different cuts of meat since the objective of this restaurant is to serve a wide variety of different meats such as beef, pork, lamb or chicken. This type of cooking was inspired by ranchers. They gathered around a bonfire on which the meat roasted to perfection and then cut with knives hanging from their belts.


The last mention about what to eat in New York is devoted to cooking the best views of New York can be seen from the The View, a revolving restaurant located on the roof of one of the skyscrapers of the city. The revolving floor makes a 360· turn every hour, ensuring an ever-changing view of this city.

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