Where to eat

Find where to eat in NY isn’t easy, the United States are associated in general with fast food, but the American cuisine remains a topic to be fully explored. We can find along the country the typical cuisines of the different ethnic groups that had been entering from a certain point until now. New York city is one of the most populous metropolitan areas of the country, it received people from all over the world, so many typical dishes are the traditional ones in foreign countries, they allow us to have a lot of restaurants and we can choose where to eat in NY.

The you can taste the famous New York style pizza in almost every street of the city, the bagels or donuts are also famous there and we can’t forget the traditional hot-dogs. Regarding pizza you can go to ‘Lombardi’s pizza’, established in 1905, whereas talking about bagels you must visit ‘Bagel Hole’, in Brooklyn, and ‘Absolute Bagels’ in the Upper West Side.  If you prefer a hot-dog, look for ‘Gray’s Papaya’, also known for its juices, or ‘Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs’, in Brooklyn, where  hot-dogs eating contests are often celebrated.

It seems that the American cuisine is not really elaborated, and this could be true if we think in another countries, but it does not mean that the food wouldn’t be delicious enough.

The steakhouses are highly recommendable, as they offer a good variety of steaks cooked in different ways. An original steakhouse is ‘Strip House’, where you would be surrounded by pin-ups. Another good choice would be Peter Luger Steakhouse. If you visit the restaurant don’t forget to order their famous porterhouse steak.

Of course, there are also expensive restaurants where you can have an unforgettable experience due to the combination of food and the atmosphere, although the majority of them serve international food, not American. To name a couple of well-known restaurants, ‘Jean Georges’, which serves French cuisine, ‘Masa’, an exclusive Japanese restaurant with only 26 seats, and ‘Alain Ducasse at the Essex House Restaurant’, with excellent American products prepared with French techniques.

To finish with, two ideas for the romantics: restaurant ‘Savoy’, an intimate place designed like a country inn, roaming fire included, and ‘Daniel’, decorated with Italian Renaissance style.