Theme Parks in New York

Amusement parks are a good option to spend a day of your trip to New York. It doesn’t matter if you go with children or not, everyone likes to have fun. You can choose between theme parks, water parks and zoos; going on a trip doesn’t have to be necessarily exhausting.

In first place, we are going to talk about some amusement parks, like, for example, Adventureland, Deno’s Wonder Wheel or Martin’s Fantasy Island. In Adventureland, which is located in Long Island, you will enjoy with different thrill rides, as well as water rides. If you go with children, take a look at the different activities that the park offers, such as face painting or a bungy jump. In Deno’s Wonder Wheel, which is in Coney Island, the first thing you will notice is the retro style of the whole place, giving the park a special charm. It has, on one hand, teen and adult rides, and on the other hand, a special dedicated to children, the kiddie park. The Wonder Wheel that gives name to the park has a curiosity: some of the cars swing, but others don’t. This way you can choose how will be your ride. The last one, Martin’s Fantasy Island, is located in Grand Island. Opened in 1961, it also offers water activities and shows.

In second place, talking about water parks, we can mention Water Slide World, Splish Splash and Water Safari. The first ones offer fun either for adults and children, since there are many attractions for all ages. The last one, Water Safari, is basically the same but with a slight difference; its thematic is related to nature and animals. You will find there the usual attractions but you will be surrounded by a forest. Apart from that, it is New York’s largest water park.

The last idea about theme parks is to visit a zoo, like The Bronx Zoo or Queens Zoo. The Bronx Zoo gives you the opportunity of spending a night there, whereas Queens Zoo organizes different summer camps for everyone who wants to discover the animal world, from toddlers to teenagers.