Universities in New York City

Whatever you want to study, you will a find a college or university New York which fits your needs.

Since New York is a city which combines different cultures, there are some universities specially addressed to certain groups, like the Jewish or Hebrew, for example. Some universities are specialized in one field, but others have several campus and teach several degrees. Having said that, we are going to list some of the colleges and universities divided into the type of studies they offer.

First of all, you can read dramatic art in both American Academy of Dramatic Arts and American Musical and Dramatic Academy. The first one is a conservatory in Manhattan, which has taught famous actors and actresses such as Lauren Bacall ort Kirk Douglas. The second is a college conservatory and an accredited institution of the National Association of Schools of Theater.

Another option can be to study law, and you can do it in Brooklyn Law School, New York Law School or Benjamin N. Carozo School of Law, to name some of the best well-known.

Medicine is always an investment, due to the great offer of private offices and hospitals, so you can consider some of the universities where you can go. These include Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York University School of Medicine and Cornell Graduate School of Medical Science.

In a city like New York you will have to consider to study something related to economics, since the Big Apple is one of the most important economic centers in the world. LIM has a Master of Business Administration, the Keller Graduate School of management offers different master degree programs about that, and Plaza College also includes Business Administration.

Regarding technology and engineering we can talk about Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, New York Institute of Technology or Fashion Institute of Technology, which combines  it with the fashion industry.

To finish with, the City University of New York, which is in the public system, has many campuses: 23 institutions, 11 senior colleges and 6 community colleges. It offers, among others, law studies, journalism and biomedical education.