Weather in New York

When we are planning a trip, we tend to look at the weather forecast to find out if it is going to rain or if light clothes will be necessary due to high temperatures. We always want to avoid carrying too much luggage, or at least unnecessary clothes, because every time we go on a trip we buy souvenirs and they need a place in our bags. The only problem is that the weather forecast is not reliable sometimes, so here you have an overall impression of the typical climate of New York city plus some tips to enjoy your stay without problems.

New York has a humid continental climate, with constant winds which bring cold to the city. The best seasons go there are probably autumn and spring, because the temperatures are not so extreme as in summer and winter. If you visit New York in September and October, or in May and June you will probably enjoy a pleasant weather. On one hand, we are aware that the majority of people have their holidays in summer, but we have to say that the city can be quite hot in those months. On the other hand, you will also like to stay at Christmas; the typical lightning and the famous tree must be visited at that time.

Nevertheless, the temperatures are warmer than in another regions which are in the interior part of the country. Regarding the rain, it is distributed similarly during the year, so you might take an umbrella just in case, no matter in which month of the year are you going to New York. To mention an statistic, we can say in one year it rains approximately 121 days.

Sometimes the weather surprises everyone and hurricanes might appear, but as they are not common you don’t have to worry about that.

To conclude we could say that, although it depends to a great extent on the area, you should not forget an umbrella and both light and warm clothes to face possible changes in the weather. If you bring a bit of everything you will be properly prepared.