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Wholesale Glass Pipes – Business Center

If you are considering opening up a shop or selling out of your home, our products can make a significant investment. We offer start-up kits for you or your business, and we include everything you will need to make a reputation for yourself, at a high discount rate. Minimum orders must be $100.00, but we are confident that you can earn double (or triple!) that reselling our quality products to deserving customers. Shipping is a flat rate of $25.00 for orders over $400.00, no matter what you order! We can process shipments quickly and effectively, shipping out all of our glass products the very next business day. We do take Paypal and credit card over the phone. We do offer custom wholesale orders, contact our sales team, and we would love to organize a shipment custom to your needs.

We offer the highest quality glass products around; there is just no match in quality or price for our glass pipes. We have unique styles and designs, and they are guaranteed to sell quickly in your area. This can be a significant investment or a fantastic new way for you to shop wholesale. Our customers are certainly satisfied, and we are confident your customers will be happy as well. Please inquire today if you need more information!

If you spend 1000.00 or more, you get a huge price break. We can make all payments through secured Paypal. Takes 3-4 weeks for delivery.